A basic platformer where you change color to interact with the map. It has hazards, switches, teleporters, and other things. You can use orbs to change color. It uses basic art but it does use many features. You can read the instructions in the project to get a full sense of it, I'm too lazy, lol. ;) But the game is streamlined and you can do speedrun mode if you want.

This is a Godot game, jsyk. :) I published twenty levels but I am planning to add a few more. The last level is a refreshing level if you do get to that level, lol. There are a lot of hard levels in between, though, since this game is aimed towards people with good reflexive fingers, lol. And of course, it is a puzzle game. Every platformer is, lol! (Well, not every platformer, but it is a good thing to have strategies in your levels!)

I also added music and a level editor! Check out the devlog for more details. :) And report any bugs! (Also, don't stick a hazard, even the same color (due to frame issues, lol), on the spawn area of the player in the level editor! There will be severe consequences! ;) )

See this walkthrough to see how to complete it! It is very hard, lol.

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
Made withGodot
Tagscolors, expert, hazards, Speedrun, switches, teleporters, Tileset
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, Textless


A_Platformer_Trial_of_Colors_(Synzorasize)_windows_1.4.1.zip 17 MB

Install instructions

I am only providing a windows download for now because you know, I only have a Windows laptop. So if there are problems with Mac or Linux I wouldn't able to debug, haha. I will provide a Mac or Linux download later but you can play from the browser if you want.

Since it's a Godot game, there will be an executable file with a Godot icon on it. If Windows Defender says it is from an unknown publisher, click "More Info" and then click "Run anyway". It is perfectly safe, considering I don't even know how to make a virus, lol. Then it should open perfectly. If there are any bugs please tell me!

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I see that you made some improvements compared to last time! This is good!

Thanks! :)


Nice game!

Thanks! :)